Green Wedding Shoes Features All Neutral Palm Springs Wedding

It’s another beautiful day when we get to say we’ve been featured! This time our all neutral color palette Palm Springs wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes. A big thank you to Intertwined Events for their planning magic, Leproux Co for the most lovely florals, and Chris Glenn for capturing it all. We could not have done this without the rest of the creative team detailed below! To see the full feature, click here.

We asked the couple to share how the two met! And the story is just way too cute not to share:

“We’d like to say it was a chance meeting, locking eyes across the room with an instant connection, but really we both swept right and the rest is history! Our first meeting in person was at the Lemonade at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Garrett didn’t run for the car when I, Jonathan, said I wanted 6 kids on our first date. That’s when I knew this could be for real.”

More about their wedding design:

“We have both always been big fans of a neutral palette, but had initially thought that we’d have all of our grooms people in white and sand colors with us both being in gem colored suits as the pops of color. But, over the course of four delays due to covid, our taste evolved slightly.

Even taking covid into consideration, the planning process for us was so smooth and effortless. Because of covid delays and regulations, we ended up having four prospective dates in the end, but Intertwined handled everything and made it a super smooth process for us.

We also encouraged guests to wear white and neutrals to fit in with our palette, keeping everything in the same vein. There was a bit of pushback from certain family members, especially about the dress code, not knowing how all of it would turn out – but we asked them to trust our vision.

On the day of the wedding, after seeing all of the dried florals and grooms people in their neutrals, there was a moment when Garrett’s mom came to us and said “I get it now!” which made it all worth it. It was absolutely gorgeous.”

Thank you for the wonderful feature, Green Wedding Shoes and we could not have done it without the creative team below. Cheers!

Photography: Chris Glenn
Venue name: The ACE Hotel
Planning: Intertwined Events
Florals: Leproux CO
Linens: Luxe Linen
Music: The Flash Dance
Cake: Susie Cakes Bakery
Rentals: Adore Folklore



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