Luxe Launch 2015: Rooftop Sunset in Zanzibar


What a incredible design by Amber Events and Fiore Designs titled “Rooftop Sunset in Zanzibar” created specifically for our Luxe Launch LA held at the Bel-Air Bay Club.  The team brought in rentals from Line 204 EventsRevelry Event DesignA Rental Connection to complete their amazing design concept. Chinaware from Dish Wish and stationery: Prim and Pixie sit pretty on top of our Vogue Antique Gold linen and Dupionique Fuchsia Napkins. Thank you to our photography duo, Krista Mason Photography and Weintraub Photography, for these images!

We have an exclusive interview with Nira Luna of Amber Events conducted by Kristin Banta of Kristin Banta Events. See below for the full interview and photos.

Nira, I’m already in love with this. I am so pleased that you have went in a totally different direction than what we see on the floor. So tell me what was your inspiration behind this?

Honestly, I just wanted to enhance my most recent trip. I went to Zanzibar for a month in December. I was really invigorated by it and I found so many parts of the country beautiful. Some of the things on the table are actually from Zanzibar so that’s why we called it “Rooftop Sunset in Zanzibar.” It has a lot of earthy elements. Zanzibar has African elements, beachy elements, with a touch of that Moroccan vibe.


Did you gravitate to your linen choice or was it a tough choice?

We just wanted to keep it understated because we wanted to enhance it with the all of the other vendors that I was excited to bring on board. A mutual palette let us enhance other areas.


Did you think about the guest at the table and have a vision of that guest?

I feel like the whole thing is more feeling based. I don’t want people to start looking at it and say “I could see where they got this” or “This costs this much.” I didn’t want it to be like a competition in the sense of design. I wanted people to feel at home and comfortable. I wanted it to feel like they are relaxed and enjoying the moment. That’s the feeling I got working with all the vendors.


The exterior of your space is so beautifully layered and styled and textured. You brought a lot of patterns. Tell me about that.

We wanted to have a clean experience but not too overpowering. We wanted balance, but still wanted the playful element and the cultural feeling of Zanzibar. So we brought that into the overall vignette. Again, it’s a feeling that you’re entering a world and this is the entrance into that.  6-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events7 7-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events11 7.1-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events23 8-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events2 9-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events3 10-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events21 11-Luxe_Linen_Luxe_Launch_2015_Amber_Events28

Table Vendors:

Host/Linen: Luxe Linen | Concept/Design: Amber Events and Fiore Designs | Rentals: Line 204 Events/Revelry Event Design/A Rental Connection| Chinaware: Dish Wish | Stationery: Prim and Pixie | Photography: Krista Mason Photography and Weintraub Photography | Venue: Bel-Air Bay Club | PR: Rayce PR

Party Sponsors: Bel-Air Bay Club | Revelry Event Design | Line 204 Events | Dish Wish | Wiens Family Cellars | Classic Party Rentals | Luxury DJs | Smile Lounge | Face It Sugar | Seasons Catering | Made By Meg | Jennifer Naylor Catering and Events | Petros Catering | Rasta Taco | Sprinkles Cupcakes | Lovesome | Design Dawgs | EDGE Design Decor | Copper Willow Paper Studio | Krista Mason Photography | Weintraub Photography



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