Orders may be placed via phone, fax, email or in-person by visiting our showroom. 

Order Confirmation
To ensure accuracy during order taking, a confirmation estimate and rental agreement is sent to the customer (via fax or email) for each order. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect both documents for accuracy.

Orders are not considered confirmed until a deposit is received from the customer. The deposit may be paid via credit card, money order, check or cash. Rental agreements may be submitted in-person, via fax, email or regular mail.

Final Count
The customer must provide a final count for all rental items two weeks prior to the actual event date. The final invoice and balance due is based on this count.

Payment in full is expected at the time the final count is provided.

Returned Unused Items
Unfortunately, we must charge for all items delivered, regardless of whether or not they are used. Please understand that once an item leaves our facility it is no longer available for rental. Therefore, we consider unused linens a potential lost revenue generating opportunity. And, unused items are charged at the same rental rate as used items.

Changed Orders
Changes to orders (local) are accepted until 48 hours prior to an event’s start time. After that, additions are considered new orders and are accommodated when possible. Reductions are not accepted as orders are already staged for truck delivery.

Order Cancellation Policy
Once an order has been placed, the items are reserved and cannot be rented for the same date. Deposits are non-refundable.

Delivery Fees
Delivery fees are based on the distance from our location to the event venue and on the type of product being delivered. Please call our order desk to determine your delivery fee.

Lost | Damaged Items
All linen (and other rental items) is expected to be returned in the same condition as it was delivered, e.g. no tears, rips, holes, stains, or discoloration. Any item that is not returned or is damaged must be replaced by the customer. The customer agrees to pay the replacement cost of lost or damaged items once losses or damages are determined and communicated to them.

Sample swatches are available upon request. Simply call our main number (310) 548-5183 and specify the fabrics you need samples of. One of our staff members will gladly send the swatches to you via regular mail. There is no fee for this type of sample.

Sample linens, for a floral or other, preview setting are also available. No rental fee is charged in these situations. But the client is responsible for any shipping fees to and from our facility. Also, the linen must be returned, in unused condition, within 7 days of the sample setting. To request this service, please call our main number (310) 548-5183.


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