Spring Dessert Display Inspiration

Spring Dessert Display Inspiration 630 420 Luxe Linen

Wow! This spring dessert display inspiration designed by Kristeen LaBrot Events with florals by Pixie’s Petals is giving us major spring vibes! “Spring Has Sprung” features a number of beautiful and delicious desserts created by dessert connoisseur Leslie Maynor of Fantasy Frostings. They sit atop a table provided by A Rental Connection with our Buckingham Flax Runners with Shell Amalfi underlay. Wow! Thank you Michelle Lacson for these great photos taken at Sherwood Country Club.

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Design: Kristeen LaBrot Events | Florals: Pixie’s Petals | Desserts: Fantasy Frostings | Rentals:  A Rental Connection | Linen: LUXE Linen | Photography: Michelle Lacson | Venue: Sherwood Country Club


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