Cleopatra Wedding Tabletop Featured on Grace Ormonde

We are thrilled to see this Cleopatra wedding tabletop designed by Eddie Zaratasian from our LUXE Launch 2016 featured on Grace Ormonde. Click HERE to see the full feature.

LUXE Linen: What was your inspiration behind your design and table name?

Eddie Zaratsian: Cleopatra and the colors of linen played a big part of my inspiration. The Viper linen in gold and black is so rich, so I wanted to evoke a rich, sexy and dramatic design with lots of texture, layers of different materials and flowers used to capture this essence of luxury and royalty.


Luxe_Linen_Eddie_Zaratsian_Grace_Ormonde_Vibiana_Wedding2 Luxe_Linen_Eddie_Zaratsian_Grace_Ormonde_Vibiana_Wedding3   

LUXE Linen: Is it exactly what you envisioned out to begin with?

Eddie Zaratsian: It’s always more than what I dream. When you start the design process, you can see all the elements in front of you, then you edit and embellish your design.

Luxe_Linen_Eddie_Zaratsian_Grace_Ormonde_Vibiana_Wedding5 Luxe_Linen_Eddie_Zaratsian_Grace_Ormonde_Vibiana_Wedding6

LUXE Linen: How did being given a linen impact your process?

Eddie Zaratsian: Linens to me are like clothing a woman. You need to fit the linen to the match your whole vision.

Luxe_Linen_Eddie_Zaratsian_Grace_Ormonde_Vibiana_Wedding7 Luxe_Linen_Eddie_Zaratsian_Grace_Ormonde_Vibiana_Wedding4

LUXE Linen: How did Vibiana as a space impact your design?

Eddie Zaratsian: Vibiana is a large impressive room. To design in this space you need to look at scale and proportion.


Design Team:

Host + Linen: LUXE Linen // Design + Planning: Eddie Zaratsian // Floral Design: Tic-Tock Couture Florals // Rentals: Revelry Event Design // China: Dish Wish Events // Bridal Gown: JINZA Couture Bridal // Venue: Vibiana // Lighting: High Voltage Lighting // PR + Marketing: Rayce PR // Photography: Krista Mason Photography