Luxe Launch 2015: Afternoon Tea with Lady Charlotte in the Grounds of Bluebelle Castle


What an incredible and lavish table design from Bluebell Events and Mark’s Garden from our Luxe Launch at Sherwood Country Club! We are transported to “Afternoon Tea with Lady Charlotte in the Grounds of Bluebell Castle” with this incredible design.Rrivre Works and A Rental Connection both provided rentals for the table design with chinaware from Dish Wish. The team beautifully used our Lismore Garden Mineral linen and Rose Pebble Beach Napkins. Thank you Michelle Lacson Photography for these wonderful images.

We have an exclusive interview with Charley King of Bluebell Events conducted by Lara Burnap – Editor of California Wedding Day. See below for the full interview and more photos.

What drew you to this linen?

This linen spoke to me because I’m British and I’m homesick at the moment. I’m totally in love with Downton Abbey, so when I saw this linen, I had to do this one because it reminds me of home.

What was your inspiration from then on?

We wanted to do something with the name “Bluebell” because it’s so special to me. It’s the name my father gave me, so whenever anyone says “Bluebell” I think of my dad. He passed away and I wanted to make an afternoon tea tribute to him. I also wanted to do something that had the Bluebell name in it and I was thinking Downton Abbey, Bluebell Castle, and Afternoon Tea and then it just grew from there. I wanted to bring the garden in and it is definitely a fantasy secret English garden.

Tell me about all the details on the table?

The China is from Dish Wish, which we went very English with. I love it. I wanted to do afternoon tea cakes, so Kimberly from The Butter End so beautifully and kindly created these cakes. I wanted a Victorian sponge cake because they are very British.

Tell me about the florals.

Charlie came up with the idea of Downton Abbey, so we just jumped right in with it and wanted to make it feel like a very elegant tea. Roses, tulips,  lilacs, and cherry blossom branches cover the table.

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