Luxe Launch 2015: Le Jardin

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Michelle Garibay Events collaborated with Growing Grace Floral Design to create “Le Jardin” for our Luxe Launch OC at The Colony House. Using our Canopy Stripe Onyx linen and Fuchsia Satin Lamour napkins, the team brought in rentals from Revelry Event Designers and Line 204 Events to complete their look. A floral wall stunned guests with lighting by Luxury DJs. Thank you Studio EMP for these wonderful images!

We have an exclusive interview with Michelle Garibay of Michelle Garibay Events conducted by Rhonda Couchigian of Rayce PR.  See below for the full interview and photos.

What was your inspiration?

I was drawn to the black and white stripes. I wanted to do something old and a little different today to kickstart spring. But also, a Paris garden theme. So I wanted something high-contrast, bold and exciting with a very garden fresh feel.

The arrangements are gorgeous. Did you originally have this idea of repetition?

Yes. We wanted to keep continuity because we really wanted the floral wall to be the focal point.

Tell us a little bit about that-it’s gorgeous.

Michelle used peonies and roses in all of the different colors. She designed that by hand this morning.

Tell us a little bit about the seating.

This is called the Versailles bench, so I wanted to bring in those Paris lines and those lush Marie Antoinette designs. It has a lot of layers and really steps up. The napkins added a punch of color to offset the black and white. I used clean plates and clean silverware because I really wanted the flowers to be the star of the show. Just very symmetrical lines to play off the stripes and have the flowers be the garden part of the design. We have a lot of muted tones so it’s a little different.

Who is your target bride for this design?

This is for the Kate Spade bride.

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Table Vendors:

Host/Linen: Luxe Linen | Design: Michelle Garibay Events & Growing Grace Floral Design | Rentals: Revelry Event Designers and Line 204 Events | Stationery: Li’K Designs | Photography: Studio EMP | Lighting: Luxury DJs | Venue: The Colony House | PR: Rayce PR

Party Sponsors: 24 Carrots Catering | Wiens Family Cellars | Vox DJs |Luxury DJs | Simply Sweet Cakery | Lavish Candy Life | Smile Lounge | Line 204 Events | Dish Wish | Revelry Event Design | Classic Party Rentals | Li’K Designs | Face It Sugar




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