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We are thrilled to be featured in a 2-part feature on DesignDawgs, an online magazine for design inspiration! Various tables from our Luxe Launch LA and Sherwood are featured.

In Part One, DesignDawgs launched into several tabletop design concepts from the event, sharing tabletop design inspiration.

In Part Two, Marcus Gray sits down with Dahlia Wexler, owner of Luxe Linen, to gain a little more insight into the brand as well as discover the importance of event showcases, which was evident in her decision to host three large showcases which spanned the Southern California region over three consecutive weeks.

Marcus Gray: How would you describe your brand?

Dahlia Wexler: I think our name, Luxe, says it all. We are a luxury special event resource for linens, table runners, napkins, pillows and overlays. Our goal is to become one of the leading luxury linen rental companies in the United States.

MG: Who is your target audience?

DW: Our target audience consists of other businesses in the special event industry. These business influence or make linen decisions for their clients.  They also bring us repeat business. The typical customer we target includes florists, event planners, event production companies, high end caterers, high end venues and DMC’s.

MG: What is the benefit in using live events to re-brand your company?

DW: A live event allows us to personally connect with the audience and at the same time allows the audience to experience our fabrics. Linens, which are textiles, can be experienced on several levels — visual and tactile. And to really appreciate them you need to see, touch and feel them. A live event is the perfect medium for our rebranding because our guests can see the linens in action (on design tables), see the range of new fabrics (via our Great Wall of Fabric) and experience the quality. We branded to bring our name in line with the upscale nature of our new fabrics.

MG: In your opinion what are the best practices for target marketing?

DW: Reach your clients where they live. So for us that means Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course a party. Social media is the communication medium for the special event industry. I don’t know a single planner who doesn’t use Instagram or Facebook to document their work. So, a best practice for us is understanding and investing in the communication medium our clients use.


Our clientele ranges from wedding and special event producers, floral designers, hotels and private venues, as well as couples planning their very special day. We proudly serve Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and Ventura and Santa Barbara County. We look forward to serving you.

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